Vape Ban Update


Vapes are on their way out. New York is the first state to ban flavored vape products entirely. This happened following a nationwide outbreak of lung illness. As of now, seven people have died from this lung disease. The ban in New York is set to take effect immediately. There is a similar ban on vapes that is happening in Michigan as well. The President has stated that he may ban flavored vapes nationally.

The fact that the vape companies are using flavors like fruit, bubblegum, candy, and so on to lure in young teens into using their products is highly controversial as well as debated. The government wants to prevent young people from becoming addicted to the addictive, potentially deadly habit of flavored vaping. Experts are still not sure what exactly in the e-cigarettes is causing the lung disease, but they continue to investigate this thoroughly.

India has also banned the production, sale, and import of Vape products to stop the impact of the vaping and e-cigarettes on the youth. Violators of this law will be jailed for up to $7,000, however, users of the vapes will not be charged. India banning e-cigarettes and vapes is just the start of what is to come internationally.

It will be very interesting to see what the overall outcome of this epidemic is. Stay tuned and stay safe while smoking vapes and e-cigarettes.