Vape Ban In Oregon


We have been talking about the Vaping epidemic that is taking over the United States quite a bit lately, now let’s get more specific and talk about vaping in Oregon specifically. Recently Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued “Executive Order No. 19-09,” which directs the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to “take immediate action to address the vaping public health crisis.” This order bans explicitly flavored vaping products in Oregon, not all vaping products as of now. It was clarified that the law does not include bans on terpenes derived from marijuana as a flavor.

What happens next? It is not clear when the ban will take place yet, but “immediate rulemaking” is in full effect, and those will be released in a week or two. The OLCC and OHA are going to come up with emergency rules, legislative proposals and an anti-vaping education campaign, while creating a Vaping Public Health Workgroup to drive Oregon policy going forward presumably. Many people think that this ban is significant but could have been harsher.

The state is early on in the stages of banning Vapes but at a critical point. Stay tuned to learn what is happening over time with the Vape ban in Oregon.