The Leafpon Vlog with Kyle: 5 Ways To Not Cough

Consumer (Kyle): Smokes, starts coughing. 
Kyle from Leafpon: Has this ever happened to you? Make sure you guys follow these 5 simple steps so you don’t end up like him!
The Leafpon Vlog with Kyle Presents: 5 Ways to Not Cough

Tip #1 Try EATING your cannabis.

Tip #2 Try a bong diffuser: Put water on top & bottom chambers. This lightens the smoke.

Tip #3 Try bong diffuser with ice??? Supposed to cool smoke (Continued on tip #5).

Tip #4 Try to shotgun (best shared with a quarantine buddy!).

Tip #5 (3 continued) water on bottom, ice on top. Seems to lighten up the smoke inhaled better than just the water in tip #2.

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