The Leafpon Vlog with Kyle: How to Make Salve

The Leafpon Vlog with Kyle Presents: How to Make Salve

Last week, Kyle from Leafpon showed us a simple method of making tincture from home utilizing a common household appliance – an Instant Pot! This week, we will also be using this appliance to make a cannabis salve, which is a topical ointment made with cannabis flowers and other nourishing ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil. Cannabis salves are used for localized pain relief or to help soothe minor burns, insect bites, and abrasions. 

Tools you will need: Instant Pot ($60), glass jar with lid (half pint or pint size), weed (ground or shake), coconut oil, cheesecloth, beeswax, and essential oils

Let’s begin!

Step 1: First, we must decarboxylate the cannabis by pressure cooking it. Start by placing your desired amount of cannabis into a glass jar that has a metal lid. You can use shake for this, but if you use buds, make sure to grind it first before placing in the jar. The weaker the weed, the less effect the salve will have, so be sure to dose based off your personal usage levels. Screw the lid on but be careful not to put it on too tight!

Step 2: Place two cups of water into your Instant Pot followed by your sealed cannabis jar. Set your Instant Pot to high pressure and cook for 40 minutes.

Step 3: After 40 minutes, use the quick release on your Instant Pot, but be careful not to use your hands; the steam will be very hot! Remove your jar from the Instant Pot and add coconut oil. Place the jar back into the Instant Pot and set it to high pressure. Cook the cannabis and coconut oil on high pressure for 20 minutes.

Step 4: After 20 minutes, let the pressure on your Instant Pot release naturally. Note that the pressure valve next to the quick release should be fully extended. Remove your jar from the Instant Pot and let cool. After the contents have chilled, you can drain your jar using cheesecloth to remove the leftover bud. You are now left with cannabis-infused coconut oil (we had about ½ cup).

Step 5: Now we are going to add beeswax to give it the right consistency. The more beeswax you use, the longer the salve will preserve. You can also improve the shelf life by keeping the salve in a cool, dark place to avoid it from reverting back to its original oil form. For this video, we used two beeswax chapsticks. Melt the beeswax down and combine with the coconut oil mixture. We used a double boiler to do this. After the beeswax is melted down and combined with the coconut oil mixture, remove from heat.

Step 6: Add your choice of essential oils to the mixture. Pour into your desired container and let cool. Your salve is ready for use! Enjoy!

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