The Leafpon Vlog with Kyle: How to Make a Twax Blunt

The Leafpon Vlog with Kyle Presents: How to Make a Twax Blunt

This week, Kyle from Leafpon will show us how to make a twax blunt… but beware: this is not an easy task! We will be using shatter to do this, due to its more durable, less sticky consistency than wax. We suggest getting pull-and-snap shatter which will have the best consistency for rolling around the blunt. We will begin with a pre-rolled blunt, but if you would like instructions on how to roll your own, check out our previous vlog “How to Roll a Blunt”.

You will need: A cannabis blunt, wax or shatter (we used Hush’s Blueberry shatter), plastic knife, lighter, yourself and maybe a friend or two!

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Ensure that you have room at the end of your blunt that the cannabis does not reach. This is where you will be wrapping the shatter. Using a plastic tool (a plastic knife will work for this), cut off your desired amount of shatter for your blunt. If your shatter is overly sticky like ours was at our first attempt, you can freeze it so that it is easier to work with. Make sure to only freeze the amount you wish to use for your blunt so that you will not need to cut it up after it has been chilled.

Step 2: When you take your shatter out of the freezer, you will need to warm it up just slightly by rubbing the wax paper between your fingers. While you do this, you will also be shaping the shatter into a line. Once it is in a thin rolled line, stick it back into the freezer to let it chill slightly.

Step 3: Remove the shatter from the freezer. To begin wrapping your blunt, you will need to start laying the shatter at the top and begin wrapping in the same direction that the blunt was wrapped in so that it does not pull the paper apart. Press the tip of your rolled shatter to the tip of your blunt and blow on it to warm it up slightly so that the shatter will stick here. Wrap the shatter around the tip of the blunt. If you have more shatter, you can continue wrapping it down the blunt.

Step 4: Your twax blunt is ready for smoking! But be careful!! The flame on your twax blunt will be more intense than a regular joint due to the concentrate burning. Enjoy!

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