The Cannabis Inhaler – The Newest in Cannabis Tech

New Tech In Cannabis

New Tech In Cannabis

The methods of cannabis consumption have been evolving with the rise of state legalization and the influence of the recreational market. Delivery methods now vary widely – from edibles, concentrates and vaporizers, to tinctures and trans-dermal patches. Recreational availability has influenced the rise of more discrete products, as consumers new to cannabis often look for ways to medicate without attracting attention or investing in ancillary products. The newest in cannabis tech, the dose-regulated inhaler, provides the answer for those looking for both discretion and complete control over their experience.

Vapen Clear, one of the first cannabis inhaler brands introduced to the market, provides 1,000 MG THC per container and 10mg dispensed with each puff. Other than the brand name, there’s virtually no difference between it and a regular asthma inhaler, making it possibly the stealthiest product to hit the industry in years. In addition, users can enjoy a remarkably reliable high and have the comfort of knowing exactly how much they’ve consumed with zero combustion, give-away odor or vapor. This opens up a world of possibility for those who need regular access to medicine in public spaces; often a dilemma for users who rely on quick delivery methods. As of this writing, there is one company on the Oregon market offering a similar cannabis inhaler with identical THC value – it is called One Gro and can be found at several locations across the state. Many variations of this inhaler are now cropping up in other recreational-friendly states as brand and product awareness begins to catch on.

With state legalization came industry regulation, which imposed strict measuring requirements and dosing limits. Now, more than ever, the medical and recreational markets have access to credible, lab-tested information about how much THC and CBD they consume with every method. Gone are the days guessing how much THC is in any particular treat – all products must be tested, approved and regulated across production. The cannabis inhaler will set a new standard for regulated dosing, as the public begins to expect controlled, discreet and immediate methods of cannabis consumption.

There will always be those who prefer the more traditional methods of consumption like smoking flower, and we likely won’t see semi-circles of people passing an inhaler around like a pipe or joint. The social aspect of smoking hasn’t changed much since the adoption of a legal market, only added more options to the menu. However, this new tech will fill a void for many users who desire discreet, personal, fast delivery methods without smoke, batteries, lighters, waiting, or post-session clean-up. As the recreational industry continues to gain a wider audience, exciting new developments in cannabis consumption are sure to continue.