Shining On This Easter Sunday

Typically, this piece of springtime evokes fond recollections daubed in Easter’s archetypal palate of bright, soft pastels, crisp whites, lawns of verdant green, and of the teeny rainbow-tinted finger tips of egg dye helpers. For some, fellowship at a lovely brunch after a moving church ceremony may come to mind. Maybe it’s the memory of blending in with a swarm of your kin at the park, finally getting old enough to hit your first blunt at the cookout. Remembering the sense of togetherness felt as hands were held and prayers lifted up, just before cutting in to an early ham dinner at Grampa & Gramma’s. Easter is a day customarily reserved for family, a time for donning one’s Sunday best to pose for multi-generational photo shoots before setting loose the eager kids to untidy their clothes in The Hunt.

How unthinkable it would have been 6 months ago to have learned 2020 would hold nothing of the sort in store for us! A typical Easter get-together would now be in violation of the social-distancing mandates which are now being legally enforced in some states, to aid in the continued Flattening Of The Curve. Gatherings this year have the potential of getting busted like rowdy high school house parties, with police in NY ticketing people for up to $1,000 for the offense. Dozens were cited in San Diego as beautiful weather drew crowds at Ocean Beach and Balboa Park. Hikers of Northern CA’s East Bay Regional Park District reported paying $400 fines for disobeying the District’s new rules to “have no gatherings or group visits” on the grounds.

This “Stay Put” message the government is trying to convey of course does not apply to urgent matters such as doctor’s visits, work, or supply trips – including those to the marijuana shop. Dispensaries were declared “essential businesses”, with  cannabis delivery services standing out as a vital facet of the marijuana industry’s sales force. As COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that seems to be harder on smokers, leading alternative methods of consumption such as edibles and tinctures are thought to be the safer preference of late. Natural has its finger on the consumer’s pulse, as their site shares a list of cannabis Easter goodies great for adult easter baskets, such as gourmet-quality THC-infused macarons. For DIY edible lovers, Jessie Morre of The Fresh Toast offers a lovely seasonal-appropriate recipe for cannabis creme eggs; adorable, decadent treats that sound as though they would be delicious with or without the cannabutter! MSNL Team has even more marijuana-laden recipes to help aid in any holiday canna-baking therapy you may want to embark upon, checking off indulgently dank comfort sweets from marijuana-butter-infused cannabis cookies to cannabis fudge dappled with chopped chocolate eggs!

An exponential amount of family units face the coming holiday weekend with missing pieces, separated from their loved ones by self-isolation, hospitalization, or worse. No one will go unaffected by this pandemic, which has drawn comparisons to 9/11’s devastating terrorist attacks. People are turning to the internet more than ever as a means by which to connect and communicate, especially when it comes to video. Try to host a free Zoom meeting, maybe inviting guests to sync up with you to catch the unprecedented  NBA All-Stars game of HORSE  that will be airing and streaming on ESPN Sunday. While watching, maybe have a smoke sesh with sweet candy-flavored bud such as Phat Panda’s “Tropicanna Cookies” and “Banana Split” by Skord Marijuana, two strain selections recommended by RMR for the “perfect” Easter Sunday toke. Last year, Adult Easter Egg Hunts like the “Easter Nug Hunt” in Los Angeles, where players could search for eggs concealing samples of flower and cash prizes. It may not be until 2021 for another event of this sort to come around again. But in keeping the spirit alive, the Lincoln City community of the Oregon Coast will be hosting a virtual egg hunt on Sunday, so keep an eye out for more online activities to join in on, if seeking community this holiday. Although it will not be an easy or normal weekend, by staying inside and keeping a safe distance between ourselves and others, our resilience will surely live on to shine on another day.