Oregon Holiday Cannabis Sales

The holiday season is expecting to generate record sales this year starting from Thanksgiving to New Years. 

Oregon dispensaries have been gearing up for their 5th holiday season since legalization and with Christmas just around the corner, they seem more prepared than ever. As the cannabis industry becomes more developed, a variety of holiday specials are being offered to their customers. 

Dispensaries are stocked with holiday themed edibles, discounts on cannabis products, smoking accessories as well as gift bundles. Data has shown that concentrates and flower are most popular during this time of the year with edibles to follow. 

OLCC’s market trend from Metrc shows the total sales by month fluctuating by the millions. These sales either plateau or decrease from August up until the beginning of the holiday season. For example, OLCC’s data shows total sales for the month of November 2017 being around $43,125,000 and December sales increased to $46,875,000. For November 2018, monthly sales were around $53,750,000 then increased to $56,250,000 in December. Both years saw a dramatic increase for dispensary sales which is why this year sales are predicted to do the same. 

The previous years indicate another big sales month for Oregon as well as the other recreational states. So don’t forget to stop by your local dispensary to get in on all the deals and enjoy the rest of your holidays!