Oregon Bans CBD-infused Alcoholic Beverages

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has recently passed a ban on manufacturing and selling CBD-infused alcoholic beverages. This goes into effect January 1st as local bars and breweries rush to get rid of these booze before the deadline. 

Back in April, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) stated CBD in alcoholic beverages is not permitted. Despite these federal guidelines, CBD did appear in various products including alcohol. 

Oregonians were intrigued as it hit the shelves but these were also new and unregulated formulas. In addition to major concerns with high amounts of CBD consumption and how it effects the liver. Therefore, the OLCC is following the federal law and making it prohibited in alcohol as well. 

Alcohol manufacturers must request formula approval, which is a complete list of all the ingredients, before production. According to the OLCC, as of now, TTB is not approving any formulas that contain CBD or THC. 

Wholesalers are also under a lot of pressure having to remove all CBD-infused alcohol from their inventory. OLCC prohibited them from storing, distributing, transporting, or selling it and all products must be removed by December 31st. 

This came as a surprise to bars as well with many trying to sell all CBD-infused products before the new year. If you’re interested in getting one last sip of CBD-alcohol before the ban, make sure to check out your local bars for some deals on what’s left!