Michigan – The First Recreational State in the Midwest

Michigan makes history as the first state in the Midwest to sell recreational cannabis. Currently, Ann Arbor is the only location where recreational cannabis is available. 

With over 30 pending licenses, only 3 out of the 6 licensed retailers opened their doors and started selling on December 1st. 

According to the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency, retailers are prohibited from making a sale to adults 21 or older in a single transaction that exceeds 2.5 ounces of cannabis products. Also, concentrates must be under 15 grams and vape products are temporarily not for sale. So this means, customers are able to purchase a combination of flower, edibles, concentrates (under 15 grams), and so on, that do not exceed 2.5 ounces. 

Excited customers camped out overnight in the cold, rainy Michigan weather to be the first to purchase Sunday morning. Later to follow were hundreds from all over the region to be a part of a new era for the state. This resulted in strong sales for all 3 licensed retailers with customers saying it was well worth the wait and money. 

These 3 licensed dispensaries sold a combined $221,000 worth of products on the first day. This also doesn’t include the $22,100 on a 10% excise tax and the $14,586 on a 6% sales tax paid to the state.

This is an exciting breakthrough for the Midwest, especially the state of Michigan. With Illinois soon to follow, we’re looking forward to seeing who’s next!