Leafpon’s Newest Update is Now Available!

For both Android and iPhone, we have released an additional feature, Conversations, to the Leafpon Consumer App. Below, we will explain the new functions, My Circles and Open Conversations, that are offered in our new feature and available registered users. 

My Circles

This feature allows users to create their own circle and converse with each other, whether it’s just one friend or several. To help generate more lively and fun conversations, we created and provided stoner friendly emojis. Also, similar to Snapchat and Instagram, users have the ability to take and send photos/videos to a friend or friends in their circle. Not only can you send photos and videos to friends, users can also video chat with as many friends as they like on this feature.





Open Conversations

Users have access to the Open Conversations where they can converse with anyone registered to Leafpon Consumer App. Each chat caters to specific user needs. For example, Growing Your Garden: is a chat for users looking to provide or seek advice regarding the best techniques to growing cannabis and how to help your garden thrive. Doctors Cannabis Expert: is a chat for either medical patients or recreational users seeking recommendations on strains or products that meet their needs. Right now, Leafpon Consumer App has 6 chats available with more likely to be created.