Leafpon – The App That Does it All

Some of you may be wondering what the Leafpon App is all about. We’re here to give you a brief description of all the in’s and out’s of this revolutionary app. There are many components of the marijuana industry, and here at Leafpon our goal is to connect them all in ONE place.

Within the industry, there are producers, dispensaries, and consumers. These three components work together to create what is known as the marijuana industry. Leafpon is a one-stop-shop, connecting the entire industry in one marketplace allows for a business to be conducted more efficiently. Our app revolutionizes the industry and offers a more user-friendly approach to day-to-day selling while integrating the customer throughout the entire platform.

The Leafpon App has six core features within the interface. As a producer, you can maximize your profits by placing your current or upcoming inventory on the Leafpon app for free increasing foot traffic and business networks. Producers and consumers can update their inventory with ease using Leafpon’s integration with the Metric API system. Get exclusive deals in your area by becoming a Leafpon member. Get notified when your favorite product is available at a dispensary in your area so that you can stay up to date. Create a circle of friends and connections within the app using our live chat. Use Leafpon to brag about your products and stay updated on important news or events in the cannabis industry. The last core feature of Leafpon is the ability to make requests for your favorite products. If you don’t see what you desire at a dispensary, you can ask the dispensary to order the product. By using Leafpon, the dispensary can contact the producers directly and request the specific product.

Leafpon was created for all users. What’s not to love? Whether you’re a producer, dispensary, or consumer, Leafpon was designed to bring all sides of the cannabis industry together in one credible place. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, and who doesn’t want it all in the palm of your hand?