Washington State Lawmakers Seek 10% Limit on Cannabis Concentrates

Lawmakers in Washington proposed House Bill 2546, which would limit the THC levels of cannabis concentrates to no greater than 10%. This stems from a study that has linked psychotic disorders to the use of high potency cannabis. Lawmakers claim, “the study found that its findings are consistent with previous evidence suggesting that the use of high-potency marijuana has more harmful mental health effects than use of less potent marijuana”

This means, dispensaries would be unable to sell cannabis concentrates that are greater than 10% THC. Also, vape cartridges, dabble extracts and really anything that involves other concentrated products would be banned. Overall, this would be a difficult adjustment for both recreational users and the industry as a whole. 

According to the bill, “In 2019, sales of high-potency marijuana concentrates represent nearly 40% of total sales of marijuana products.” If this bill were to pass, this would have a negative impact on cannabis sales as popularity for concentrates grow within the industry. Also, this may result in many having to resort to the black market which could be even more dangerous to users. 

Both Democrats and Republicans are behind this bill as it is currently in the Commerce and Gaming Committee. This bill is scheduled for its public hearing at 8:00AM, January 30th. According to NCW life, the fate of this bill is up in the air as many of the bills introduced each session never make it out of committee.