Three Ways To Chill Out With Cannabis This National Ice Cream Day!

As if we needed another reason to legalize pot! Ben & Jerry’s cofounders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have divulged in article with Huffpost that once that historical day dawns, a cool, sweet way to “combine [our] pleasures” could be headed our way – their own brand of cannabis ice cream! Jerry’s even stated,

“If it were my decision, I’d be doing it, but fortunately we have wiser heads at the company that figure those things out.”

Until then, we’ve compiled a short variety of ice cream recipes (with weed as the secret ingredient) for all of our stoney-at-home chefs to whip up in honor of National Ice Cream Day!

CBD Ice Cream Recipe

“Life is like an ice-cream, enjoy it before it melts”, is a great quote from the article CBD Ice Cream Recipe – How To Make Cannabis-Infused Ice Dessert – one that really speaks to us! This dessert can be made by following a pretty uncomplicated recipe, though the myriad of steps taken do call for a dash of patience. You’ll learn useful life skills, such as decarboxylation, the process of applying heat to cannabis flower long enough to chemically alter it, which is the only way for the digestive system to fully participate in the absorption of THC and cannabinoids. In other words, even when eating it, you gotta heat up the weed first to really get good and stoned.

Chocolate Kush Rocky Road Ice Cream

Our old “bud”-dy kief, the recommended incarnation of ganja used to make the following edible masterpiece’s creation complete, is the dried form of that glittering overlay of trichomes usually seen mantling a marijuana plant’s beloved florets. Besides being a potent way to incorporate marijuana into ice cream, kief carries with it a higher amount of cannabinoids when consumed through edibles than flower. This recipe calls for the kief of Chocolate Kush, the indica-heavy, hybrid offspring of the White Widow x Bubblegum varieties of cannabis. To keep its flavor on point, any suitable substitutions should possess spiced coffee and/or dessert-reminiscent aromas. Chocolate Thai, Chocolope and the rare strain Coffee Kush are just a few suggestions from author Jessica Catalano.

Canna-berry Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwiches

This recipe from CannabisWiki is definitely “expert” level, as the volatile mixture of ingredients must be followed to a “T” to create the perfect texture. Cannabis comes in to play through cannabutter, whether homemade or dispensary-bought, mixed in with the other cookie ingredients. Prep/cook time for these babies ends at about the 12-hour mark from start to finish, resulting in a rich treat that may serve to bring out the child within each of your partaking (adult) guests.

In closing, DO NOT SHARE THESE DESSERTS WITH CHILDREN! Just don’t. The list only continues to grow of shops giving out discounts and free ’scream this weekend, so maybe mask it on up and whisk the kiddies off for a sweet adventure. No matter what, stay safe and take care, dear readers.