Eating Cannabis with Caution

Doctors are now warning both, avid and novice, users to be aware of how much they are consuming.

The U.S. now has 11 states (and D.C.) that legalized recreational cannabis, as well as the entire country of Canada. Resulting in millions having access to a variety of cannabis products on the market.  

Depending on the state, each varies with the amount of milligrams they offer as a single dosage. For example, you can purchase a 100mg chocolate bar in Colorado with a single dose being 10mg. While in Oregon, the chocolate bars don’t exceed 50mg making a single dose 5mg. If the budtender doesn’t explain to the customer or they don’t ask, these doses can be very misleading and misused. 

There is a wide range of responses from consuming cannabis-infused products. Everyone is different so the cannabis will absorb at different rates and metabolize it with varying efficiencies. Edibles last twice as long as smoked cannabis with the effects fading over a period of 5-8 hours. Also, taking more than one should can cause intense psychoactivity and feelings of anxiety. 

When it comes to edibles, consuming in small doses is always the safest route to go. For first timers, 1 to 2.5mg is the recommended dosage to start at then the consumer should wait 30-90 minutes before taking anymore. If you don’t feel anything try eating a snack to activate digestion and absorption. After that, it is best wait 2 hours before eating anymore. Gradually increasing the dose is the best way to find what amount works best for you. 

Consuming edibles is different for everyone, depending on the individual, potency and tolerance. Remember, you can always eat more but you can never go back so be safe when consuming cannabis and spread the word!