Dispensaries & Producers

Find Available Products

Our integration with the Metrc API tracking system not only lets you add and update your inventory, but also allows you to easily find the products you want to purchase to help further your business. Our Featured Product list also guarantees that you always know about new products and technology that’s available in the market. Our filtration system helps you find what you’re looking for with no hassle, and you’ll love how easy it is to use.

Easily Manage Your Account

With Leafpon, you can easily update the coupons and events you want to provide for you customers. If you’re a dispensary, you can generate and edit coupons that will instantly be available for your customers on the Leafpon App that will bring them into your store. For both dispensaries and producers, you can create events that will be seen by everyone in the cannabis industry. This free advertising will help people learn about your business with relatively no work with our easy to use technology.

Create Connections

Whether you’re a dispensary or a producer, Leafpon will help you expand your network, allowing endless opportunities to benefit your business. Relationships help create long-lasting success, and we will connect you with producers and dispensaries that you didn’t have contact with before, creating more avenues where you could buy or sell your products. By simply placing your inventory on Leafpon, more eyes will be on your products, which will help you generate more income for your company.

Request What You Want

Request the products you want with ease while using Leafpon. As a dispensary, you can’t keep every product on your shelf. However, Leafpon allows you to request the products your customers are looking for right when they want them, and you’ll receive them in no time. Producers, such as growers, will be able to request products from other producers like technology manufacturers and packaging specialists, giving you resources you never had before.

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