Become Part Of The Community

Even if you’re simply a recreational user, Leafpon allows you to stay connected with the entire cannabis community. Because everyone in the industry uses the Leafpon App to place information, you will never miss out on anything new that is introduced to the market. Leafpon allows you to always stay updated on new products when they’re available or events in your area. Leafpon will keep you up to date with cannabis news all around the globe.

Always Stay Updated On Your Favorites

Use Leafpon to locate cannabis products at dispensaries in your area, which is always continuously updated. We make sure that the information you view is always current. No matter where you are, you’ll get notified every time your favorite products are available near you. We’ll even notify you when your favorite dispensaries are having special deals and discounts. You’ll always have access to the products you love at the very best prices.

Learn About Your Favorite Strains

Look at our forever-growing database of cannabis strains and learn everything there is to know about marijuana. Find out the history of different strains such as where they came from and who first created its genetics. You’ll learn how different strains taste and make you feel before you visit dispensaries, so you’ll know exactly what you want before you get there. Leafpon will help you become a cannabis connoisseur and impress your friends with how much you know about the cannabis industry.

Join The Conversation

Talk with both current and new friends about all things cannabis related. Either brag about what you know or pick up new knowledge in our chatting network. Leafpon allows you to create connections with other people in the industry that are interested in the same products and events as you. Your circle will grow by using Leafpon, and you’ll love meeting new friends and sharing your favorite information with those who are just as interested in the cannabis industry as you are.

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