Colorado Brewery and Dispensary Join Forces to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Colorado launched the Carbon Dioxide Reuse Project, which is a pilot program to help reduce carbon emissions for both breweries and cannabis grow operations. 

According to the Denver Post, Democratic Gov. Jared Polis’ mission to cut greenhouse gases 50% by 2030. 

Statistics have shown indoor cannabis farms release on average 15 million metric tons of CO2, while breweries release nearly half a billion metric tons, both annually. Breweries need it to carbonate and package their beer, while indoor cannabis farms use it to speed up the growing process and increase the yield. 

Earthly Labs has created an opportunity to bring both industries together and become more eco-friendly.

They offer a carbon capture technology to allow businesses recycle carbon dioxide emissions. This solution is called “CiCi” which Earthly Labs reports, “Our first plug-and-play carbon capture solution, CiCi™, meets the needs of the brewing industry and helps avoid 150 million metric tons of CO2 annually.”

Utilizing this new technology both businesses have the opportunity to integrate sustainable business practices with operations. 

The Clinic and Denver Beer Co. are teaming up to work together and implement this technology into their businesses. This collaboration will help save the environment, while growing profit and cannabis. With the use of Earthly Labs technology, Denver Beer Co. is expecting to recycle over 150,000 pounds of carbon emissions, which is considered the amount needed for The Clinic.

Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment hopes this program will encourage more cannabis companies and breweries to help reduce their carbon footprint.