Cannabis Continues to be the Fastest-Growing Industries in the U.S.

Grower Working Hard

The main focus for job growth in the U.S. tends to be directed towards the health care and technology industry. However, it appears that the cannabis industry may take the cake. 

Just like it’s been projected, the cannabis industry has created many jobs throughout the legal states. According to Leafly’s Annual Cannabis Job Report, cannabis has employed 244,700 full-time jobs as of January 2020. Which has doubled since 2017 with 122,800 full-time positions available. 

Ranging from cannabis farmers to dispensary managers, there are many jobs in between and above that are now available nationwide. Considering the amount of jobs that have been created in the legal states, there’s no doubt that the cannabis job market would continue to be the fastest-growing if it became federally legal. 

Leafly also analyzed the job growth among all the occupations in the United States. The growth rate for the cannabis industry has been 250% with the second biggest, solar photovoltaic installers, at 63%, following wind turbine service techs at 57%. 

California and Colorado appear to be the top cannabis employers among the legal states. With California providing 39,804 jobs and Colorado, 34,705 reported by Leafly as of January 2020. 

Even though the CBD industry has become federally legal, due to lack of regulation, there is no data report on the job growth status as of yet. However, it is likely that there’s been a dramatic increase in the employment rate for that as well.