February 23, 2018
Ed Wolfs Got Glass

Interview with a glass blower – Ed Wolfe’s Got Glass

We believe in supporting American-made products and the local cannabis community – and so we’ve partnered with Southern Oregon local glass blowers, a collaborative co-op team of artists named Ed Wolfe’s Got Glass, to offer hand and water pipes directly from our site. You’ll be able to find unique pieces on LeafPon soon! Ed & company are known for their intricate ‘wrap and…

February 23, 2018
Cannabis Arts and Culture

Oregon Cannabis Arts + Culture Blog

Cannabis and artistic culture simply go together – it’s historically proven! In the 1920’s, prior to prohibition, cannabis was highly regarded amongst the jazz musician community. Unlike booze, which dulled and incapacitated, cannabis enabled musicians whose job required them to play long into the night to forget their exhaustion. Moreover, the drug seemed to make their music sound more imaginative and unique, at…

February 23, 2018
New Tech In Cannabis

The Cannabis Inhaler – The Newest in Cannabis Tech

The methods of cannabis consumption have been evolving with the rise of state legalization and the influence of the recreational market. Delivery methods now vary widely – from edibles, concentrates and vaporizers, to tinctures and trans-dermal patches. Recreational availability has influenced the rise of more discrete products, as consumers new to cannabis often look for ways to medicate without attracting attention or investing…