About Us

About Us

About Leafpon

As the industry has continued to flourish, the need for a collective platform has become apparent. In 2017, our team created an infrastructure that unites the industry. Leafpon was first launched in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with headquarters in Portland, Oregon. With strong roots in the West Coast, we are currently available across the United States and Canada.

We believe in the power of information. It’s important we provide a credible place that anyone in the industry can go to gather knowledge about the cannabis industry. However, Leafpon is much more. Leafpon provides a network for all producers, dispensaries and consumers to use. We excel at helping businesses create relationships within the industry,

which results in increased performance and profits for large and small businesses. Our first priority is always our users, ensuring nothing less than maximum security and safety. Following close behind is the importance of providing a platform that can be easily used by anyone.

Leafpon’s success lies with the success of its users, and our focus is to maintain long-lasting relationships as the industry continues to grow. As a team, we will continue to work together to provide new research and development to continuously enhance the cannabis culture. Leafpon will help you Search and Save.

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