7 Strains to Scout Abreast of The 7 Wonders of Oregon 

From Crater Lake to the base of Mt. Hood.

Many Americans have heard of The 7 Wonders of Oregon, a clique spanning from Crater Lake to the Wallowas. How many, though, have accepted the challenge of unearthing marijuana strains grown near or directly correlated to each “Wonder”? Invigorate your end-of-summer adventure by seeking these 7 cannabis selections, galvanized by 7 of the most iconic natural marvels “The Beaver State” has to offer.

Artwork by Kyle StraubCRATER LAKE (Klamath Falls, OR)

Crater Lake Strain(Oregon Huckleberry x Blueberry) Dynasty Genetics

Presenting the consumer with a laudably robust palate of dark coffee and lemon zest, this 50/50 hybrid strain emits an earthen, skunky aroma when burned. Dynasty Seeds developed this strain by breeding (Super Silver Haze with Huckleberry); Crater Lake is said to ease the discomfort of medical patients suffering from the effects of anxiety, chronic pain, and/or upset stomach.

SMITH ROCK (Terrebonne, OR)

Skull Hollow: (parentage unknown) Smith Rock Cannabis Co.

A hybrid strain native to Central Oregon, the location of Skull Hollow protracts 8 miles out from majestic Smith Rock. The morbid origin story behind Skull Hollow Campground’s name refers to the glut of skulls discovered at the site – a striking result of some disastrous clash between the Native Americans and settlers of the area around 1864. 

COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE (Base of Mt. Hood/Hood River, OR) 

Gorge Lemons: (parentage unknown)  Frontier Farms Cannabis.

A balanced hybrid, Gorge Lemons is cultivated by family grow Frontier Farms Cannabis. Straight outta the Columbia River Valley, her softly vivid green buds are decked out with a light gold speckling of alert pistils. A flavor of sweet citrus on the tongue accompanies a punch of nearly 30% THC at times. This relaxing daytime strain may be used for pain relief, delivering a sunny form of sedation which will still leave patients upright. Gorge Lemons has also been said to help with attention and focus.


River Song: (Blue J x Dr. Who) Geek Farms.  

Reared in the Oregon Coast’s rich oceanic oil, River Song is described by Leafpon Associate, Monique Davidson as: 

“…a balanced hybrid cross between Blue J and Dr. Who (aka The Doctor). This strain emits a light, sweet aroma of sugary fruit and berries. River Song gives consumers a great full-body, hazy calm which can be a little heavy for those moments you need to focus.”


Angus: (Durban Poison x Cookie Crisp) Mthrive Organics.

Angus is an indica-leaning cultivar grown and sold by this dispensary/grow operation near the mesmerizingly colorful Wallowas in Joseph, Oregon. Though Angus’ name may evoke images of masculinity, its scent is that of a freshly-watered flower garden, from gently perfumed blooms to moist soil. 


Nilla Wafer: (Wedding Cake x Sundae Driver) Belushi Farms.

Jim Belushi himself transported this strain from the Medford area to the sprawling wilds of Eastern Oregon, thereupon personally ensuring the strain could grace the menu of Hot Box Farms in Huntington, OR –  a dispensary/one-time venue to popular stoney artist Snoop Dogg. This cerebral delight is perfect for the end of the day, showering down into a soothing, limber relaxation that may just make you want to gaze upon some stunning natural splendor. At the inhale, Nilla Wafer’s taste is soft, sweet and yummy, akin to warmed marshmallows. 

MOUNT HOOD (Mount Hood, Oregon)

Mt. Hood Magic: (Northern Lights #5 x Durban Poison) Five Zero Trees.

MHM’s potent lineage basically makes it the ibuprofen of the marijuana world. Mt. Hood Magic’s Durban Poison genetics potently delivers relief of bodily discomfort associated with inflammation, pain, stress, and waves of nausea. Though able to branch out into a few other phenotypes, growers say they’ve come up with “really a well-balanced hybrid. In terms of indica and sativa, you get the full effect, on both spectrums.”

Recreation via unsullied nature,  sampling dank herb along the way – a self-tour of Oregon couldn’t get much better than this! Enjoy responsibly and, to quote Travel Oregon: “Take Care Out There”!

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